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Frequently Asked Questions

Local 114 Frequently Asked Questions for Current & Aspiring Members

Q: How should I dress for a Local 114 call? What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required for our job sites? What tools will I be expected to bring? As IATSE stage technicians, you are expected to act and present yourself professionally. Work smart. Work safe. Appearance: Plain tee or collared shirt Gig or union shirts👍 Long pants No alcohol/drug imagery Outdoor gear as needed PPE: Safety-toed boots or shoes Hard Hat (if owned) Hi-visibility vest/shirt Harness (for riggers) Earplugs Tools: Adjustable or “C” wrench Sharp knife, multitool Work gloves Flashlight Screwdriver or screw gun

Q: What common safety practices can help protect me & my coworkers? Never use drugs or alcohol before or during a call Keep distractions to a minimum and stay aware of work going on nearby. Consider leaving your phone in your bag. Keep idle talk to a minimum and a low volume If working overhead, take all items out of your pockets and ensure any tools are tethered with a rated lanyard. When communicating with the ground, designate one person to speak with. Never, ever, ever drop anything from the grid or an overhead lift. If moving a two person set piece or case, make sure you communicate with your partner and call out hazards as you see them. Heavy cases and large set pieces should be moved by at least two people. a set piece or case requires more than two people to handle, let one person call the moves. Call out any hazards when observed. Be sure to announce that a piece is moving if there are people nearby. The caller’s voice should be loud enough to command attention in a busy environment.

Q: I’m reporting for my first Local 114 call, or my first call at a new site with an unfamiliar crew - what do I do? Make sure you show up early - fifteen minutes is on time, and on time is late. Check in with the site Steward who will have been identified in your confirmation email. You should contact them if you have any difficulty getting to the job site, as soon as it is safe to do so. Consult the Appearance/PPE/Tool chart ahead of the call and follow up with the Steward if you have any questions. Smoking is prohibited in all venues, near trucks or forklifts, or by loading docks. Treat clients, your fellow workers, building employees, and any production staff with courtesy and respect. If you are unsure of what to do, see what workers around you are doing and jump in. Use extreme caution around electrical panels or tie-ins, forklift activity, chain motors, and truck loading. Always wear a hard hat when underneath riggers.

Q: What risks do I accept & acknowledge when I choose employment with Local 114? Employment through Local 114 is defined by the same federal legislation that guides all employers. In the event of injury on a job site, the Workers’ Compensation Act defines the injured party’s rights. If you are injured on a worksite, consult the Steward immediately to file a report.

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